News 2010



Vanaf 12 december hangt een deel van mijn werk in de showroom van ontwerper Piet-Jan van den Kommer.
Bezoekadres: Noordervaart 127, Stompetoren.


Momenteel hangt een deel van mijn werk bij Knuwer & Creutzberg te Alkmaar.


The book Plan B is finished! During the last months I made 21 portraits and the cover for this book.

Check hier het eindresultaat!


I was asked to create the portraits of two beautiful little ladies, Maud & Krista, as a surprise gift for their father. First I did a photoshoot with the girls. Then I combined their own handwritten messages for their father, together with some personal items and my own handwriting with the lyrics of their favorite songs, on the portrait. The portraits were printed on canvas, both size 70x70 cm.

Maud and her portrait.


Lately I am very busy working on a book for A.W. Bruna Publishers. The book is called Plan B and will be a compilation of 20 interviews with people who did a big career switch to follow their heart and dreams. Journalist Sabine Leenhouts writes the book and I do all the photography, illustrations and cover art. It's great and inspiring to meet all these wonderful and courageous people who turn their dreams into action, because that's what life is all about!


For Plan B, the book I am working on, I photographed artist Mariska Meijers. Her art and beautiful studio is a wonderful color explosion! She wrote a blog about my work. Mariska Meijers' words:


The book Weduwe met echtgenoot by Nancy Levy is out now. I did the cover art.

Check hier het eindresultaat!


My Vernissage at Cosma Shiva Hagen's Sichtbar in Hamburg was so much fun!

Cosma Shiva Hagen's blog:
'On Friday, I’m hosting  “On The Way To Golden Freedom”. We will be holding a ‘Beneficial Vernissage for Peace “En Paz“‘ presenting the dutch artist Lisette De Zoete who beautifully mixes handwriting with illustrations, photography and murals. Be sure to be positively amazed when you see what she brings to Sichtbar! I love her work!

Nina Hagen en Lisette de Zoete.
Foto: Lorette Nieborg.


I'll have a solo exhibition in April at Cosma Shiva Hagen's gallery Sichtbar in Hamburg, Germany. I'll show my new work,
including the series 'On the way to Golden Freedom' and Nina Hagen will be singing at the vernissage, yeeeaaahhh!!
You are all very welcome!

Cosma Shiva Hagen:
'Lisette de Zoete, eine junge Künstlerin aus Amsterdam, stellt ihre Bilder aus: in jedem Bild kann man ein Wort entdecken wie zb. MISTAKE; PROMISE; CHANGE; somit kann jeder an sich adressierte versteckte Botschaften für die Friedensthematik entdecken und interpretieren. Ihr Anliegen ist es, Gefühle und reine Wahrheiten darzustellen, in denen der Betrachter sich wiederfinden kann.'

Benifizvernissage 4 PEACE, vr. 2 april, 20:00 u.
Sichtbar , Fischmarkt 5 - Hamburg


Working on a new book for A.W. Bruna Publishers B.V.. I will do the photography & illustrations.
Also made the cover and illustration for ABP Wereld. Will drop the new works as soon as the magazine is out.
And, in April I will have an exhibition at Cosma Shiva Hagen's gallery/bar Sichtbar in Hamburg. Exciting! More soon!