Lisette de Zoete. Artist. Illustrator. Writer. Author of the biography about Mathilde Willink.

Studio Lisette de Zoete

Lisette works for a diversity of clients worldwide, including publishers, magazines and musicians. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Graduated with a BFA in Illustrative Design, School of Visual Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2003

Selected Clients

Uitgeverij Lecturis, LOODS5, NOPPIES, VT Wonen, Les Interieurs Australia, Musterzimmer Berlin, Sichtbar Hamburg, V2 Records, ABP Wereld, LISmagazine, Bont voor Dieren, Tommy Hilfiger, ZIZ This is Us, A.W. Bruna Uitgevers B.V., The House of Books, Uitgeverij Prometheus, RAILS Magazine, UVA - Folia, BigSense Producties, Het Uitgeefhuis, LSLTN, Filmmuseum Amsterdam, GayKrant, Sanoma Uitgevers, Libelle, Viva, Midi, VIEW Onroerend Goed Ontwikkeling, Stichting Natuur & Milieu, Nationale Jeugdraad, NOTS Foundation

Mathilde. Muze, Mythe, Mysterie, Lisette de Zoete, Lecturis, 2016.

Exhibition 'WINTER COLLAGE', curated by Mika Minetti, Musterzimmer, Berlin, 2014
Solo Exhibition ‘NOW’, Studio LOCOMOCO, Haarlem, 2013
Exhibition 'Art Pride Amsterdam', Go Gallery, Amsterdam, 2011
Solo Exhibition ‘On the Way to Golden Freedom’, Sichtbar, Hamburg, 2010
Solo Exhibition ‘Freezing Frames’, Bibliotheek Velsen, IJmuiden, 2009
Exhibition 'Retrospective Romy Schneider', Filmmuseum Amsterdam, 2007
Exhibition, BLEND Guerilla Stores, 2006
Exhibition 'PopUp NOTS', Mobile Gallery, 2005
Graduation Exhibition School of Visual Arts, Jaarbeurshal Utrecht, 2003
Exhibition ‘Het Nederlandse Landschap’, Galerie Art Options, Wijk bij Duurstede, 2002
Exhibition, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam 1999
Nominated ‘Beekwilder Young Display Talent’, Beekwilder, Amsterdam 1999

'The C':

'What can be more human? What can be more intimate? Maybe, a confession. Lisette de Zoete and her ‘My Goodbye’ is a confession. The most striking and emotional. This tiny little painting, comprised of a poem, a picture and a key carries her whole palette of feelings, from the bravest to the frailest. You have to relate, you have been there, whether accepting your nature or embracing the power of your weaknesses.'

Nina Hagen:
'It's GREAT Art which needs no spoken praises or critics. It's YOUR ART, may the whole Universe see it's beauty!! Visualize it! Don't minimize it! Maximize and Multiply it! Live and die 4 it! It's all you! Victory to you!! Victory to the Universe!'