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Super good news! Within two days all 40 koala card sets were sold.
100% of the money goes to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Check out the koala cards here: Save the Koala - Charitable Project

Signed, sealed and to the post office!


Some of you may know how much I love koalas. Their cuteness and vulnerability touches my heart. That is why, through my art, I hope to raise money for the koalas on September 25th 2020, which is Save the Koala Day.

I have designed a set of 5 limited edition postcards, each of the 5 with a different koala illustration. I have got a total of 40 koala card sets. For € 7,50 (which includes postage) a set of these 5 postcards can be yours.

I will donate 100% of the money to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. They are the world’s first rehabilitation facility dedicated solely to the care and preservation of koalas. Check for more information: Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

The cards are printed by ESED Grafimedia Specialist. ESED printed the cards for free, for which I am very grateful.


Great news! Loods 5 sold all prints of my new work in the first weeks of them being available.
Second printing happening as you read...!


Me in my studio. Photo by Lorette Nieborg.


Sneak preview!

Beginning of 2020 Loods 5 commissioned me to create a series of artworks. Today the test prints finally arrived. There was almost half a year delay because of this terrible global pandemic... so the fact this is now finally happening makes me extra grateful. 

After I've checked the test prints, Loods 5 will have them printed onto high-quality materials like forex and luxury paper. They will be exclusively available for purchase in every art department of Loods 5 stores all through The Netherlands.

You can check out the new works here: New works commissioned by Loods 5.

Click on this link to purchase my work Horizon.

Click on this link to purchase my work Bergtop met Wolken.


Not only working on and moving forward with new work in my studio but also discovering new, interesting information about the heroic past of one of my ancestors, namely my maternal Grandfather Hendrikus Jozef van der Mijn. I had only ever known a few details about his life and as he had died in the 1990's it seemed I would never satisfy my curiosity.

However, my parents recently moved house and, during this move, a box containing papers and letters of my Grandfather was found. Now I could read about his past in his own words - especially how he survived through WW2 - it was so interesting.
During the last 15 years of his life, my Grandfather fought for the recognition and respect for the men who, like him, had to do Forced Labour during the War. He also wrote about escaping the work camp in Germany and hiding in The Netherlands where he was captured and investigated by the terrible Sicherheits Dienst. He was then taken to Kamp Amersfoort as a Political Prisoner and then sent back to Germany for another year of Forced Labour until the end of the War. He writes in great detail even for example about the food he ate, how bright the sun was shining - now I know who I inherited my love of detailed writing from...

So, as well as working on new works - I am scanning, searching and archiving the past - collaborating with Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort and their Memorial Artwork Geef gevangenen een gezicht which will be displayed later this year.


Preparing a mural in my studio: I will be working on Crete this month. So much fun to be commissioned again to paint a mural in Agia Galini, on the South coast of Greek island Crete. This time I will paint all walls of cafe bistro Old Town.

Check hier het eindresultaat!


Working on a secret surprise mural at the Jaz Hotel Amsterdam today. Painting a customized
mural in the office of the General Manager. She won the 'GM of the year 2019'!

Check hier het eindresultaat!


Work in progress: collage layers and experiments. Nature in flowing ink, still drying in my studio.
Inspired by the beautiful nature and Minoan art I saw on Crete. Combined with my love for Japanese art and calligraphy.